For Travelers

1. How much does a motorcycle rental cost?

Different motorcycles are priced differently across various regions. The unique prices are displayed on each listing. The price of the booking and associated costs will be listed in Australian dollars (AUD), Polish Zloty(PLN), euros (EUR) and US dollars (USD). Each Bike Owner chooses how much they’d like to charge to book out their motorcycle. However, they all follow the same pricing structure. A motorcycle rental’s total cost is made up of the following components:

  • the motorcycle’s fee – the amount of money, which you pay to the Bike Owner.
  • the VIKING GARAGE service fee – means gross value, which shall be calculated as a 17% from the motorcycle rental’s fee. The Service Fee shall be paid to the Operator for booking.

In addition to the initial cost, you may be charged for additional items including excess mileage, parking tickets, extensions costs, cleaning fees, etc. based on your motorcycle maintenance.

2. What payment methods do you offer?

The VIKING GARAGE’s service fee is settled online through trusted payment service provider – PayPal or through a bank transfer to the bank account. Transactions between Bike Owners and Users are usually in cash, during pick up of the motorcycle.

3. What if I need to cancel my booking (as a traveler)?

We always expect travelers to honor confirmed trips, but we understand that things come up. Trips can only be cancelled by either the owner or the traveler before the trip officially starts.

In our Terms & Conditions we have introduced the following cancellation policy:

  • not later than 24 hours before scheduled commencement of the motorcycle rental or other sport service – we will refund you 50% of a service fee.
  • less than 24 hours before scheduled commencement of the motorcycle rental or other sport service – we will not refund you a service fee.

4. How do I extend my booking?

Not ready for your adventure to end just yet? We don’t blame you.

All requests must be made before a booking ends so that the Bike Owner can approve or decline the new end time.

If a Bike Owner doesn’t respond to the request or declines it, the vehicle must be returned to the Bike Owner at the originally scheduled end time. If the vehicle is kept past the trip end without an approved new end time you will incur late fees.

5. How can I contact a Bike Owner?

VIKING GARAGE is primarily a Community. Its members can communicate with each other by sending messages, phone calls, meetings etc. After confirming booking and paying VIKING GARAGE’s service fee we send you a contact details of a Bike Owner. Feel free to send him message or catch him via Whatsapp! ;)

6. How does booking confirmation work?

It’s so easy! Check our infographic here. Remember that the booking must be confirmed by the Bike Owner. If the Bike Owner does not confirm your booking within a specified time period we will cancel your booking, and we will present you similar offer in choosen location If you think the offeror is taking too long to confirm your booking, you can cancel the reservation yourself without incurring any costs.

7. What should I do if the motorcycle does not meet legal requirements or is unsafe to drive when I pick it up?

We require Bike Owners to maintain their motorcycle in accordance with all laws and regulations regarding vehicle safety, condition, and operation in their country. You should inspect a motorcycle thoroughly before the start of your trip, either with the Bike Owner or by yourself. Do not worry, when you confirm a payment of VIKING GARAGE Service Fee, we send you package with helpful information about a motorcycle inspection.

If you find that the motorcycle does not meet legal requirements (e.g. outdated registration tags) or is unsafe to drive (e.g. broken brakes), please report this to VIKING GARAGE Team before you take the motorcycle if you are unable to work out the issues with the Bike Owner. To report an issue, take pictures to document the condition of the motorcycle, and send them to the VIKING GARAGE Team. Once you’ve done that, give us a call -- we’re available 24/7!

A Customer Support representative will review the situation and guide you through the next steps, which typically include canceling your booking, issuing you a full refund, and assisting you with finding a new vehicle. However, we can only offer assistance if you never took possession of the motorcycle, and if you provide sufficient information for our investigation. This is why it’s best to investigate the motorcycle thoroughly before you start the engine!

Your safety and security are important to us. Please don’t hesitate to report a problem!

8. Can I book more than one motorcycle?

Yes. Just notice VIKING GARAGE how many bikes would you like to rent and we will make sure that you will get them.

9. Am I responsible for a flat tire?


Unfortunately, flat tires are a fact of life in driving a motorcycle, and you as a renter are responsible for a flat tire that occurs during the trip, as well as any related damage that may result from that flat or damaged tire.

For Bike Owners

1. When can I expect payment?

Payments for rentals are usually paid in cash by the Client, when they pick up a motorcycle. The system is flexible: a different arrangement can be set for every transaction

2. What are the benefits of joining VIKING GARAGE?

You can benefit from peer-to-peer motorcycle rentals and your motorcycle services. You get an opportunity to share your machines and skills with our Community and make money on it! Join our Community now!

3. What are the benefits of offering my motorcycles and motorcycle services on VIKING GARAGE?

Most importantly, you will get access to thousands of customers. Your offer will be very visually appealing and you can add to it a description, photos and your own price. You can share the offers on your Facebook page and easily promote them. In addition, the notification VIKING GARAGE Team will help you organise your rentals, saving you valuable time.